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Individual Psychotherapy

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What can I expect from individual adult psychotherapy at MindPlace?

Individual psychotherapy work has a practical and scientific approach. We work with validated treatments and always with the idea of being able to put them into practice between sessions to gain autonomy, resilience and, above all, prevent future relapses.

From what perspective do the therapists work?

We always work from scientifically validated approaches, adjusting the tools and theories to both the needs and the personality characteristics of the client. The therapy methods we use are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, Compassion Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and EMDR.

What will the first session at MindPlace be like?

Sessions are 50 minutes long, but the first session will most likely last 60 minutes as it will be a thorough assessment going over problem areas, past, context, strengths, weaknesses, and client goals. In this first session, individual work will also be sent before the second session in order to complete the evaluation.

What will the course of therapy be like?

In the second session the evaluation will be completed and from there the treatment will begin, which usually begins weekly and is spaced according to the client's improvement. In each session objectives are established to work on and tools to achieve these objectives. We highly value the therapeutic relationship and we want you to feel in a safe and pleasant space, but also that you leave each session better than when you arrived and with more skills to face your day to day and achieve your goals.

How long does the treatment usually last?

Treatments with these therapeutic models until symptom reduction is achieved range between 8 and 16 sessions. It will depend to a large extent on the client's work both inside and outside the sessions.

Fee: 75 € per session


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