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Become your best self by acquiring emotional management that lasts forever

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About MindPlace

MindPlace is a multilingual mental health center comprising a team of mental health professionals specializing in personal and professional growth. Our members have extensive experience in therapy and coaching, as well as academic expertise from various international institutions such as IE, Syracuse University, and the University of Minnesota, among others.

At MindPlace we work to develop a more resilient mental health, capable of handling difficult emotions but also a mind with a greater capacity to be happy and enjoy. To achieve this, we work on a deep and exhaustive assessment of what you want to improve and with practical therapy carried out on a daily basis,with work inside and outside of therapy sessions.


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Avenida del General Perón 22 3D Madrid 

(metro Santiago Bernabéu/ Nuevos Ministerios. Parking in front of the building)  

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