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What can I expect from the psychiatry service at MindPlace?

The psychiatry work at MindPlace focuses on understanding the cause of the patient's discomfort and also on the additional factors that may be contributing to the maintenance of said discomfort. We also focus on knowing how the patient is feeling chemically since sometimes, after prolonged suffering, certain neurotransmitters and/or hormones may have been altered. Priority is given from the beginning to ensure that the person can rest again, feel energized and improve their ability to concentrate.​

From what approach does the psychiatrist work?

We always work as a team, psychiatrists and psychotherapists monitor each case in which the first objective is the patient's well-being and then their long-term improvement and prevention of relapses. We work from the most up-to-date scientific evidence and understanding health as a whole and not as isolated parts of our body.​

What will the first session at MindPlace be like?

Psychiatry sessions last 30 minutes, but the first one is usually longer to be able to carry out a complete evaluation of the case before developing pharmacological treatment if necessary. You can expect a long series of questions about different aspects of your current life, previous history, and current symptoms.

What will the course of psychiatric treatment be like?

After the first session, treatment monitoring will begin, depending on the case, it may have a frequency of between a session every three weeks to a bimonthly session. Always depending on the patient's condition and the moment of treatment they are in. The objective will be to reduce the need for psychotropic drugs as much as possible and for the person to maintain their well-being with the skills acquired during treatment.

How long does the treatment usually last?

Treatments with these therapeutic models until symptoms are reduced range between 6 months and 2 years. It will largely depend on the client's work both inside and outside the sessions and their combination with psychotherapy.

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