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Elevate Your Day with the High Five Mirror Routine: Boost Energy and Positivity

Do you recall the days when weariness was a mere wisp of smoke that vanished with a friend's or sibling's encouragement, accompanied by a spirited "let's go for it, high five"?

Perhaps you needn't journey far back; a memory of engaging in sports or tackling a demanding task while a colleague's reassuring palm met yours could suffice. In those moments, an infusion of vigor and even optimism surged through your veins.

In the prevailing pandemic of stress and mental strain, feelings of despondency, fatigue, and a scarcity of motivation or vitality persistently shadow us, molding our perceptions of ourselves and our lives. Consequently, our self-esteem and contentment sway in their wake.

Thus, stumbling upon Mel Robbins' profound book and research recently, I embraced its wisdom and its potential within the realms of psychotherapy and coaching without a second thought.

Although it may strike you as unconventional and certainly not a sorcerer's spell for all woes, science reveals that nurturing this practice for a mere month can enhance your subjective well-being.

Let's proceed step by step:

1. Each morning, after brushing to your teeth, cast your gaze upon the mirror. This act, following the pattern of an existing habit, capitalizes on the art of habit chaining.

2. Dedicate a few precious seconds to meet your own gaze, to acknowledge yourself in that reflection, and to rally against even the most formidable emotions. This practice bestows upon you the power to label your feelings, to extend validation to those very emotions. For instance, you might say, "Here I am, mindful of a restless night, anticipating potential stress today," or "In these days of challenge, when my insecurities stir, I'm reminded it's a shared human experience; restlessness and uncertainty are natural reactions."

In this, we engage in a dual exercise: the reconnection with our present self and the embrace of our emotions' authentic names. This act ignites the left prefrontal hemisphere, a neural haven that tames emotions, nurturing rationality.

3. Following suit, speak forth the riches you possess and the triumphs you've already claimed. Imagine articulating, "Remember, amidst it all, you have a haven of a home, invaluable connections with xxxxx and also xxxxx, not to mention the milestones you've reached and lessons you've internalized over the past years."

This vocalization orchestrates a duet for our mental well-being: it orchestrates gratitude, a tribute to our life's canvas, and it magnifies our achievements. Our inclination to focus on the darker emotions, stemming from our negativity bias, is a natural facet, acknowledged earlier. Yet, in step 3, we recalibrate, harmonizing the scales to foster a more balanced and sanguine perspective.

4. Concluding with a gaze into your own eyes, articulate your day's aspirations or your intent to confront it head-on, punctuating this interaction with a symbolic "high five" in the mirror, a visual affirmation of "you've got this." This isn't merely an act of self-encouragement; your brain releases dopamine in response to the high five's motion. Since our earliest days, this gesture has carried connotations of motivation and support, whether observed in elite athletes or personally experienced.

Should you desire a deeper dive, consider immersing yourself in Mel Robbins' book, "The High Five," and explore her podcast. Here, she expounds upon further insights and delves into the study's revelations, drawn from a diverse cohort of over seven thousand individuals across 91 nations. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable—a substantial elevation in subjective well-being and, consequently, mental health.

As you discern, this seemingly unassuming practice is underpinned by a significant scientific foundation. While not a miraculous panacea for nurturing mental health or combating the likes of anxiety, depression, grief, or heartbreak, it undeniably contributes another vital ingredient.

What's more, through this daily ritual, we cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion—two proven facets that contribute to recalibrating emotional equilibrium and revitalizing energy levels.

Should you seek assistance, know that we extend an eager hand. Through both individual and group therapeutic sessions, we're dedicated to aiding you in rekindling the best version of yourself.

With warm regards, boundless encouragement, and unwavering optimism for the day ahead

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