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Commuting with Self-Love OR Your Commute to Self-Love

It is easy to get swept up in the excitement and tradition of different holidays, work tasks, or other life events. For this reason it is important to slow down and focus on the progress we have made in 2024.

It can be hard to block out time to do this, but we can help make these easier with a few short exercises you can do during your daily commutes.


  • Slow down: as we begin this exercise with the letter ‘s,’ we will take a few seconds to slow down. Before proceeding, take a few moments to recognize whatever worries you may be holding onto in your mind, or any physical tension in your body. 

  • Exhale: now that you are aware of any physical or mental stressors that are residing, we will take one long exhale with the letter ‘e.’ Take this slowly, allow all the negativity to exit with this breath.

  • Listen: now let’s use this “l” to listen for any negative thoughts or doubts that you may routinely experience. Do not simply ignore these, rather use this as a time to truly ask yourself if these are destructive or constructive. Any thoughts that negatively affect your self-image or disempower you are considered destructive thoughts. These will not serve us well for the remainder of 2024. 

  • Fresh start: now that we have sorted which thoughts are destructive, let the letter “f” serve as a time to get rid of these and begin a fresh start.

  • Locate: now that we have gotten rid of all our negativity, this next part of the exercise will be used to uplift and inspire self-love for the rest of the day. This “L” stands for locate, take this time to find one thing about yourself that makes you proud.

  • Optimism: next think of a time where something did not go to plan this month. Use the letter “O” to inspire you to see an optimistic side to this. What was one good thing that came out of a bad situation? Use this technique to inspire you to see the good in all situations, even ones that appear to be bad.

  • Visioning: now that we are near the end of our exercise, take your time with the letter “V” to think of where you want to be by the end of this month. This can be as simple as smiling every time you pass your reflection, or even as ambitious as taking yourself out on a solo date to show self-gratitude once before the month ends.

  • Empowerment: this last letter is a reminder to empower yourself this month. Take this time to think of a word that will represent empowerment to you this month. Let this guide you for the rest of the day as our self-love activity comes to an end. 

We hope this exercise left you feeling more SELF-LOVE and empowerment. Remember that your own worst enemy is oftentimes yourself. The ability to love yourself is a conscious choice, but with simple exercises that can be done at any time throughout a busy schedule, this process can become much easier.

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